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Welcome to the site of BAZ-ART - manufacturer and on-line seller of sand pictures

A warm welcome to everyone who is visiting our website. Those who are searching for interesting and unique gifts to include in their commercial offer, as well as those who want to buy one for themselves on-line. The following pages contain more about our company and our products: sand pictures. You will be able to see many of our pictures (photos, animations, video films and presentations)


Sand pictures

Even when a sand picture stands still it is very appealing. But that is nothing compared to what happens when we move it! When you turn the picture the sand is found on the top of it and sand grains start squeezing themselves through air bubbles and create fantastic, unique compositions when falling down.
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Colours play a significant role in our products and therefore there is a wide variety of them in our offer...
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We offer sand pictures framed in wooden, aluminium or plastic frames. They are also offered in several shapes: round, rectangular, triangular and panoramic ones.

Retailer in gift and souvenir business?

If you are a retailer or wholesaler interested in forging cooperation with us, please contact us - either by filling in the form or by e-mail. We will give you any further information you need.
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Adjustment of a sand picture